Water Usage Survey

As an old proverb once dictated: "Drink lots of water while it's available. You never know when the next drink of water is a long ways off." Wouldn't you like the peace of mind that comes with knowing when the next drink will be a long way off? Even more, if it is a long way off wouldn't you like the ability to manipulate the situation so you do not have to wait long for that drink?

CRWA has teamed up with DWR in following a recommendation made by the Governor's Drought Advisory Planning Panel to create a comprehensive database of all water systems in California with under 3,000 connections. The information collected for the database will help DWR provide education and assistance to small water systems, such as yours, about connectivity during dry conditions. California is expecting severe dry conditions by Summer 2004 after what is anticipated to be a dry winter.

By filling out the survey below with information on your water system you will be helping CRWA and DWR help you. We would not be requesting the information if we did not feel that it would be beneficial to your system. Further, I assure you that none of the information you provide on the survey will be made available to any entity other than CRWA and DWR.

A copy of the survey has been mailed to all eligible water systems that CRWA has knowledge of. If your system has not already filled out and returned one of the surveys please download and return a completed survey via mail to CRWA, Attn: Jessica Russell, 4125 Northgate Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95834 or fax it to 916.553.4904.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and interest in aiding CRWA and DWR to help small water systems.